Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How a Collection Agency improves your Cash Flow

No matter how much you sell, if you don’t collect the money, you’re going to go out of business. As business owners, we often get so wrapped up in selling our products and services that we forget to take the time to ensure we’re managing our cash flow and receiving the money for those sales. But when it comes to your bottom line, you’d be wrong to simply focus on total sales dollars: You also need to focus on the cash collection of those sales. That’s where Credit Counsel, Inc. comes in. When your customers delay payments, they’re using your cash. We help you get that money in the door. We have several programs to recover your hard-earned cash back to your pocket. Most of our payment plans require a down payment and we do not extend out 30 between each payment. We will negotiate settlement terms with your approval. Credit Counsel, Inc. will become your constant reminder of a far improved cash flow position. Remember, your cash flow is not the same as your profits. You can have a profitable business, but a negative cash flow. If you’re too busy making sales and working in your business to worry about your cash flow, allow Credit Counsel, Inc. to work for you as an extension to your Credit Department. “Bad Debt” as you already know, is time sensitive. The sooner you refer your receivables to us, the greater the collection probability. Do not leave for tomorrow, what we are ready, willing, and most importantly, expertly able to collect for you today. We take pride in the outstanding results we have achieved for our clients. Call us today for the best collection rates 877-224-7904
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